5 Things you didn’t know about Diplomas Five things people do not know about diplomas

1. Skills and knowledge.В Diplomas enable students to acquire new approach of learning by incorporating theoretical and practical skills and knowledge. Diplomas are nowadays offered in colleges and even schools. Unfortunately, many young people are still not aware of the relevance of these important courses.

2. Subjects of diplomas.В All subjects of diplomas contribute to school’s Achievement and Attainment Tables (AATs). As component subjects of diploma, students can pursue other different qualifications as well as BTECs, GCSEs and A levels.

3. Diploma Validator.В There is a new web-based instrument known as the Diploma Validator that enable educators to check whether or not a diploma learner or student is doing the right subjects for a valid study program. This is important because students who are not doing the right subjects will be advised on appropriate measures to adopt. Besides that, students who successfully complete advanced diplomas, as well as the appropriate subjects, are allowed to apply for more than 80% of university courses.

4. Projects.В Many students do undertake interesting projects, which improve their learning. For instance, students who pursue the diploma in finance, administration and business at Priestly College in Warrington, are required to attend a marketing conference and also are expected to establish their own printing business.

5. В Recommended functional skills.В Any student who successfully completes a diploma at any level is assured of having the recommended functional skills in ICT, Maths and English. Many universities and several business organizations are involved in the establishment of these diplomas from their respective accredited colleges. More than 500 employers have registered for DECN (the Diploma Employers Network) as well as GMTV and Channel 4. Therefore, students who graduate with these diplomas have greater chances of getting employment in various business organizations. In addition, students can continue with further studies in many universities. It is important to understand that diplomas are not introduced to complete as rivals against A levels and GCSEs levels. It is another learning opportunity for young people to equip themselves with mixed learning styles.